11/29/20--At the request of the Bishop we have resumed virtual worship only.  We will continue to offer Zoom worship on Sundays at 9:30 and during the week (Morning Prayer M, W, F at 8 am).  For instructions about virtual and in-person worship, please click HERE.

Currently, one NA group and one AA group are meeting in person at the church.  Please contact your leader for more information.  The Thrift Shop continues to be closed.  

Welcome to Church of the Holy Spirit, an Episcopal community in downtown Fall River! Founded in 2008, it is the union of three Episcopal churches with earliest roots from 1835. Church of the Holy Spirit (CHS) looks for new ways to follow an old faith and has a history of helping community members through feeding ministries, a thrift shop, homeless ministry and other community outreach programs.

Our worship is both traditional and modern, structured and informal. We welcome LGTBQ as well as straight cis persons, former Roman Catholics and former Baptists, life-long Episcopalians and “nones” (no religious background), persons in recovery, people who are single, divorced, and married w/kids. All are welcome to participate fully in our life and worship, including communion, marriage and events.

Thinking of visiting?

We warmly welcome all visitors to the Church of the Holy Spirit

What’s worship like?

Is it Protestant? Catholic? Traditional? Contemporary? YES!

What else happens here?

Mission and outreach, children and youth, collaborations