Do you have to be a member to attend Church of the Holy Spirit? By no means! You are always welcome to worship with us and participate in the life of the church without formally joining.

But membership is a way to make a deeper commitment to your faith journey and to the Way of Love in your local community. In joining, you agree to pray for the church, engage in worship, work to spread the Good News of Jesus through words and deeds, and give financially to the church. As a member, you can vote in church meetings and take on positions of leadership in the congregation.

How do I become a member?

  • Persons who are not currently Christians become members by means of baptism. Speak to the priest about how to be baptized.
  • Persons who have been baptized can become received into the church as a member during Sunday worship. You can set this up with the priest.
  • Additionally, persons who have belonged to another Episcopal Church can have their membership transferred to Church of the Holy Spirit. Contact the church office.


Giving to the church has both a practical and spiritual side. Your contributions are necessary to support the life and ministries of the church. But giving away money is also a spiritual discipline. We acknowledge that all that we have comes from God, and we give money away out of gratitude and out of trust in God to provide for our needs.

The Importance of Pledging

At Church of the Holy Spirit, we will always gladly take your donations for general operating expenses, for specific programs, or for outreach. But we encourage members to make a yearly pledge in support of the church. Normally, pledging happens late in the calendar year (November) for the following year. The pledge is the amount that you feel called to give and capable of giving, and it is normally a weekly or monthly amount. Pledging allows church leaders to plan the budget for the coming year, and it allows you a chance to consider every year how you are being called to support and be involved in the church.

How do I pledge?

In October or November, the pledge campaign will begin and will ask you to consider your walk with Jesus Christ and your life in the church. Pledge cards will be distributed, and you are encouraged to think, (talk with your partner), and pray about your giving for the coming year. Percentage giving is one way to gauge how much to give—giving a tithe, 10%, of your income is the biblical standard. What you give is between you and God but giving should be sacrificial; we are encouraged to experience our giving as a sacrifice. But only you or your household can decide. Fill out your pledge card and turn it in. If you pledge and then your circumstances change, you can always adjust your pledge later.